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Special requirements Panels

P-Max Technic GFK

Standard laminate on both sides, XPS core

Composite panels consisting of standard laminate cover sheets with a thickness of 1,5mm and a core of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS).

External layer – GFK sandwich panel

Standard laminate is a product specially manufactured for applications with high visual and aesthetic requirements. It has a smooth surface with a slightly visible fiber structure and is covered with high-quality gelcoat, which protects the product against UV radiation. Standard laminate is approved for contact with food.

Inner layer – XPS core

The XPS core made of extruded polystyrene with a closed-cell structure is an excellent insulation material, resistant to moisture and frost. This material is characterized by high elasticity and compressive strength, therefore it is perfect for the superstructures of vehicles bodies industry.

Maximum format

7000 x 2500 mm

Standard facings thickness

1,5 mm