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Composite Door Panels

Door panels

For the door panel industry we manufacture as semi-finished products the entire bandwidth of sandwich panels with PVC aluminium, or HPL top layers, which may be laminated with decors or unifoils. Using a state-of-the-art CNC machining center we may as well create surface designs, cutouts etc. for your applications.

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The panels from the MATRIX range stand out due to their exceptional design and superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties. The PVC sheets used for the production of this range are of the highest German quality.


The panels from the EVOLUTION range feature a selection of decorative panels, with their defining characteristics being superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties, excellent long-term durability, and high weather resistance.

Stainless steel decorative applications are seamlessly integrated into the panel’s surface. Furthermore, due to their exceptional design, Evolution range doors are suitable for any environment, making them perfect for both residential and office buildings.

Neo Style

The panels from the NEO STYLE range consist of a selection of aluminum panels known for their superior quality and excellent long-term durability. Additionally, these panels offer superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties while ensuring a high level of security.

The distinctive feature of these panels is the decorative film, which seamlessly replaces traditional electrostatic paint, offering increased scratch resistance.

Quality manufacturing

perfectly embedded
decorative elements

Perfect embedding of aluminum or stainless steel elements – everything sits in a perfect line, within a tenth of a millimeter tolerance.

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