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Heat insulating Panels

P-Max Thermo PVC

PVC on both sides, XPS core

Composite panels consisting of a PVC compact panel with a thickness of 1,5mm and a core of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS). Thermal conductivity: 025.


impact resistance class
DIN EN 356 P5A
ift 213 33640

impact resistance
DIN EN 12600 class 1 (-)
ift 213 33637

airborne sound insulation*
acc. EN ISO 717-1 Rw 27 (-1;-2) dB
ift 164 32607/Z7

 * panel thickness 24mm

  • enhanced impact resistant
  • weather resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • humidity resistant
  • free of CFC and HCFC
  • cold weldable with COSMOFEN SL-660.110


  • window fillings
  • door fillings
  • balustrade panels
  • industrial door fillings
  • stable- and ventilation technology
  • trade fair construction
  • advertising panels
  • façade panels
  • vehicle superstructures
  • automotive industry

Technical information

Surface panels
PVC compact panels

Core material
Polystyrene foam, extruded (XPS)

Thermal conductivity

Sound insulation value (dB) 
27 (panel thickness 24mm)

Thickness of surface panels (mm)

Panel thickness (mm)/ U-value*
24/0,97  36,5/0,65

Standard dimensions (mm)
3000×1500, 3000×2000

Other dimension and variants upon request.

*calculated with λD according to DIN EN 13164, λB acc. to DIN 4108-4 upon request